November 18, 2018

My favorite news story this year–discounts for polite children in Italian restaurants!

As it turns out, it may actually pay significant dividends to have well-behaved children in public spaces. If you don’t believe it, this story may change your perception forever. A wine bar owner in Padua, Italy has found a way to compensate parents that enter his restaurant with kids that are not public disturbances to other guests.


Call it ‘penne saving’.


Parents with polite children can secure a 5% at the Italian restaurant in Padua, who has gone to great lengths to keep his place free of rowdy children. His solution to the madness is an innovative one: providing an incentive for parents to make their children behave.

child eating

When Antonio Ferrari, the owner of the restaurant, had decided that enough was enough after complaints from other patrons during lunch hours about bad behaving children, he came up with the grand idea after viewing one table in his restaurant that had 11 guests, including five kids that were sitting there but very well composed. As a token of gratification, Ferrari decided to give the large group 5% off their meal. Since then, he has kept up this practice, giving the same ‘sconto’ to families that have entered his restaurant with well behaving children.


Speaking to The Guardian, Ferrari opined that approximately 30% of the parents he encountered his restaurant during lunchtime hours didn’t know the proper way to handle their kids and more often than not, allowed them to run rampant through the establishment and pester other patrons, thereby forcing the people working for him to swerve in order to avoid running into them.


In Italy, lunches that extend for hours – sometimes up to three – are still honored and considered a social and culinary tradition, though not as commonplace as they were generations before. Meals of this length still include antipasto – platters that can include bruschetta or prosciutto – and then pasta as a dish, next followed by a dish made with meat, followed by vegetables.


The children in Pamela Druckerman’s novel Bringing Up Bébé are portrayed as well behaved and sitting quietly in restaurants as the adults around them engage in conversation. This is in France. In Italy, however, families – and by extension children – are rowdier, louder and overindulged by parents who view it as a typical part of childhood.

happy family

Ferrari has no children but points out he is not attempting to be judgmental and opines that parenting children is more difficult today than ever. Having said that, however, he also believes children should be reined in in public areas and more respectful in areas like bathrooms and also from running around inside and around tables. He relayed experiences of parents telling him that his space was public and they were therefore allowed to do whatever they wanted inside of it, but he countered that he was ultimately responsible for any accidents.
The party that he gave the discount to was delighted by his kindness and left €30 as a tip, he said.


How retirement is treating Nellie and I

In order to truly understand retirement, you have to experience it directly. Reading books about it and scouring through blogs can only give you much insight as to what you can truly expect. Friends and family might prove helpful, yet nothing is as deep as a personal experience. That includes taking massive amounts of courses or classes as well. These can only give you so much information and guidance as you navigate through the journey of retirement. There are no two paths identical on this road and everyone will have a singular story to tell once they reach it.


Customizing your retirement means have the freedom to pursue what you really love and having no qualms about this individuality. Imagine if you were creating a description for work for yourself that included only the things you loved. Retirees can make their own work schedule, doing exactly what they like and avoiding more stressful situations. You don’t have to answer to anyone and tomorrow is a blessing and not a headache. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


With journey to be only yours and yours alone, here are a few discoveries you may find yourself in once you start down the path.


Taking responsibility Leads to Inspiration

motorcycle ride

Many retirees enter into a new life that is nothing near what they expected and are somewhat disappointed. With high expectations and nothing on the horizon, boredom leads to frustration and even more episodes of melancholy. But there are also others that revel in their newfound freedom, staying actively engaged and busy and able to get all the things done they never had the time or energy to do before. The primary difference is that they are not waiting for the world to inspire them; they set out on a path to attack life full throttle and thus reap the rewards. Seeking out new experiences and looking for excitement is how true inspiration occurs and these are the people able to live and appreciate life to the fullest. Simply sitting back and waiting for things to occur is not the way to learn anything new or re-discover yourself in newfound ways. Exploring dreams, using your imagination, and going beyond what you previously thought of yourself ultimately leads to a more impactful life.


Calm and Serenity with Life

seniors with tablet

Lots of retirees discover that retirement is a blessing after a storm of upheaval involving work and family. There is lots of merit in being able to close one door firmly and enter another with open arms and eyes. In our younger years, life tends to be more stressful, be it from work family, or other pressing issues. After we reach a certain age, we don’t have to worry as much about family, we don’t feel the need to prove ourselves anyone but our self and it is this blessing that allows us to maximize the option to choose. Our skin thickens as we age and we are less likely to worry about the little, unimportant things that are by and large beyond what we can control directly.


Many people find that retirement age is the best time they have had in their entire lives as they can leave much of the stress of earlier years behind and stay focused on the positives of life and learn how to let go and let loose.


Living Within Your Means


During retirement age, you are more inclined to watch how you spend as debt reduction is a significant financial concern for this age group. For those that always practiced fiscal conservatism this may not be a problem, but for others, it can be a red flag as retirement age comes around. So whereas before you may not have thought twice about purchasing a massage chair, in later years, you may have to find a cheaper option or buy second-hand. The good news is that it will no longer be necessary to balance things like mortgage payments, education, or business clothes. These will more than likely be discontinued as you age and you can concentrate on other aspects of where you spend money. While it may sound impossible, the good news is that it just takes more effort and soon you will experience fiscal confidence instead of fear.