September 21, 2018

The all-new Inada Flex 3S is arguably one of the best massage chairs available on the market right now, the perfect combination of the Sogno and Inada’s now discontinued models. The following is a comprehensive review that explains why it is now one of the most popular chairs around and the great features it provides.

Inada Flex 3S

The Inada 3S looks very similar to the Sogno, but offers much more, going far and above what is expected to deliver on all fronts. Where it excels is in the areas that work the lower back as well as the shoulder areas. Additionally, it offers stretching functions that are definitely a bonus. Similar to the Sogno, the Inada has a roller track which extends down towards the sacral region, but once there, spends more time working the area. Many people experience pain in this region, so finding a chair that really concentrates on it intensely is a benefit to this massage chair that others fail to address. The sacrum is the hard bone at the base of the spine and when ignored, the entire back can suffer as a result, so the Inada paying attention to this area is indeed a blessing that users will love.

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The Inada 3S also comes equipped with an owner’s manual that is simply to follow and read as it’s well written and covers all areas in depth. Take about twenty minutes to read the vital information pertaining to the chair itself, and then there are other parts that explain how each function works and what to expect. Written I both English and Chinese, there is no guesswork involved about the massage chair after reading this manual and it succeeds where other brands fail by making it easy to comprehend and follow.


Again, it is quite smaller than the Sogno, taking up less space and giving you more square footage in your actual room. It is also available at a smaller height of 6’2”, as opposed to the Sogno’s 6’5”.


Most massage chairs can be quite loud when functioning, something the Inada 3S is not guilty of. Users have been quite shocked at how quiet the machine is while running, even the airbags as they inflate and deflate. Typically, airbags are the noisiest part of a massage chair, but somehow, Inada’s designers have discovered a way to significantly reduce this noise. The massage chair also offers an ‘Auto Upright’ featured button for the remote control that allows users to restore the chair to its upright position after programs end. Shutting the chair off before any program ends keeps the chair as is, meaning that it won’t auto restore to its upright position. For that to happen, it is necessary to hold down the ‘Recline’ button to re-position the chair upright. Holding the button down for 2 seconds will also restore the massage chair back to its upright position making it unnecessary to hold the remote button down the entire time.

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Inada 3S

Users have the option to adjust intensity of airbags and rollers in this massage chair in a couple of ways. First, there is the ‘Intensity’ button that allows you to adjust intensity of your preferred function, or you can utilize the ‘Max Intensity’ remote button that increases the airbag intensity and roller at the same time. Using the ‘Max Intensity’ button places airbag intensity and roller intensity on ‘High’. There is also still the option to use the ‘Intensity’ buttons to make adjustments to either ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’. The idea is to be able to offer users the option to change the intensity simply by pushing one button.
A heating element has been added to the massage chair for the hands’ palms, the feet’s soles, including fingers. Even sitting in the Inada massage chair, it is noticeably different from other brands. The majority of chairs available these days feature heating elements for the lower and middle of the back. Heating the soles is a unique characteristic that is almost exclusively featured in the Inada 3S, designed to imitate hot stone massages on hands and feet. These features and many more make the Inada 3S a true game changer in the massage chair industry and all the more reason to consider investing in one.

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